Privacy Policy

We at HSI are committed to protecting the privacy of visitors and users of this website. This privacy policy establishes policies and practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Thus, we believe that when visiting, using and / or registering on this website the user is in agreement with this privacy policy expressing his consent to the practices detailed below. The policy comprises the privacy practices of the website and its operation in accordance with Brazilian law.

Personal Data

The personal information collected may include your name, email, company and are subject to future use. Personal data, for example (e-mail), may be used for the sole purpose of disseminating communications and offers of our products / services. At any time, the user can choose to stop receiving such communications through a specific link in the message of these emails that he will receive.

Data Collection

On our website, such as others that use the same mechanics (access statics), we automatically collect legally (provided by law) information about you and your computer, such as your IP (Internet Protocol) address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the browser you used when visiting our website (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), the time of your visit and which pages you visited within our website. This information collected is intended to improve the user experience with our services.

Use of the Website – Cookies

What are “cookies”?

They are text files downloaded automatically and stored on your computer, when browsing a page or internet portal. Cookies are strategically used in order to know the interests of visitors to our website in order to better understand their needs, their interests, just to deliver information specific to the subject and / or topic researched. Anyway, we inform that any user has the opportunity to disable the function of cookies, in the options of his browser (browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), or making changes in the tools of antivirus programs that he may use.

Retention of Personal Information

If you have chosen to receive our marketing communications, we retain information about your marketing preferences for a reasonable period from the date you expressed interest in our content, products or services, such as when you last opened an email. We retain information derived from cookies and other tracking technologies for a reasonable period from the date that information was created.

Validade da Política de Privacidade

Our privacy policy is not applied to third party sites, that is, if through our site, the user is directed to another site, this (the user) must read the privacy policy of this. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or content present on other sites / portals, even though these are commercial partners of HSI.