Brochure – Algorithmic Production Scheduling Powered by TrakSYS™

Download our brochure now and discover how TrakSYS Algorithmic Production Scheduling enables you to create an optimal schedule based on criteria such as inventory levels, customer demand, and equipment performance/availability.
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Infographic – Taking Maintenance from 1 Star to 5

Download the infographic to learn more about how a MOM solution can take your Maintenance from 1 to 5 Stars.

Technical Article – IEC 62443 IT security for automation solutions

Download the Technical Article – IEC 62443 IT Security for automation solutions and learn more about this important international standard.

Case Study – Akzo Nobel

Download the case study and see how Akzo Nobel became able to understand the root causes of production bottlenecks.
Soluções Industria 4.0 e Manufatura Inteligente

Brochure – Digitizing Production

Download our brochure now and see how your production journey will be empowered by TrakSYS Production Digitization.
Production Digitization & Management

Video – TrakSYS for Production Management and Digitization

The Production Management and Digitization with TrakSYS was designed to deal with the complexities of the productive environments, so that it is possible to plan, program, execute and deliver products in the most efficient way possible. TrakSYS offers interoperability to connect your business and manufacturing systems involved in production management. All of this on a […]

versiondog Video – Factory Floor Status

Watch the Tech Talk series video and see how the versiondog together the Factory Floor Status module generates information visibility of automation devices through the WEB portal and through a mobile application with a simple QR Code reading.

versiondog Video – Automated Backup

Watch the Tech Talk series video and see how the change management system for automated environments versiondog performs automated device backups and detects undue changes or procedural errors.
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